Monday, September 18, 2006

Italy 2006

We were in Italy this past June for a belated honeymoon. Three weeks gave us enough time to see quite a bit: Venice, Milan, the cinque terre, Siena, Sorrento, and Rome.

People watching was encouraged: at a table for two both chairs face outward so everyone can enjoy the scene. I did a lot of this.

The trip wasn't always easy. Our italian was shaky at best, there were well-dressed pickpockets on many of the ferries, and the heat was unbearable at times (next time we'll go in the fall). There were American tourists everywhere, and it was obvious that many locals merely tolerated our presence during the summer months.

But in retrospect I loved the fact that I left my comfort zone behind for a short while. It was good for me to strike up conversations with strangers, to eat whatever appeared on my plate and to think (a lot) about why Europeans feel the way they do about Americans and the US.

We don't have any other major trips planned at the moment, other than possibly CA next May. I'm thinking we might be able to do Europe again once I finish school in a few years. Maybe Amsterdam?


Anonymous lipcan3 said...

Did you doctor the Vernazza photo? Looks too good for reality.

1:51 PM  
Blogger B&B said...

Nope! I think that's my favorite of all the pics I took during the trip.

7:06 PM  

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