Sunday, April 29, 2007


Today I made gnocci using this recipe (another site I really like, by the way). Gnocci has always seemed intimidating to me but I've made this one twice and the grater method works well.

My shaping needs some work but I had better results when I pressed the cut edge (rather than the smooth part) of the dough against the fork. It seemed to make a deeper indentation.

1/2 of what I made went into the freezer, 1/4 went to my brother+SIL, and I'm going to try and pan-cook the rest (as mentioned in the recipe) with some tomatoes and brocolli once R. comes home.
You didn't think I'd let the no-knead bread kick my ass, did you? The flattened first attempt was totally my fault - I didn't use rapid rise yeast. This time I followed the recipe more carefully and baked it in a smaller pot:

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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