Wednesday, July 02, 2008

One room down

The challenge: oddly colored countertops and yellow-stained walls in our kitchen. Gross. R.'s parents were here for a visit last week and did everything while we were at work. It was great.

At first we thought we'd go with a light grey and white scheme but it was too dark. We ended up with white/brick red which I really like!

The walls have a bumpy texture to them, so the paint job required a lot of fine-tuning. It's still a little uneven where the red meets the white ceiling, so we might need to eventually add some molding in those areas.

Pretty much every other room in the house needs a coat of paint, so we're hoping to get a lot of it done this summer.

My MIL and I also worked out in the yard, I'll try to get a few photos at some point.



Blogger Felicia said...

That color is great!

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