Monday, January 19, 2009

In progress

Here are some photos of our recent upstairs renovations. We went with a golden yellow for the bedroom and light grey for both the sitting room and office. The bedroom sits in the middle of the house and doesn't get much light, so we thought something light and bright would work well. The yellow is growing on me - it was a little startling at first. I'm thinking crisp white bedding with a little texture, something like this in pure white. I really like the grey color in the other rooms; it has more of a blue undertone than we planned but I think it still works.
The floors were stripped and stained this past Saturday and I'm really happy with the results - I wasn't sure they could be salvaged. The second coat of stain/polyurethane goes on tomorrow. In the meantime we are camped out in the library, sleeping on the couch.
One other thing we need to do is buy carpet for the office - at some point a previous ownder made the decision to put plywood and linoleum over the original wood floors. The linoleum is glued to the plywood, the plywood is attached to the original floors. Such a shame. Anyway, we're not sure what color to go with, it needs to be something that hides stains and wears well but also goes with the grey and white walls. Maybe a sage green?
Other than all that, we finally bought a carpet for in front of the fireplace (this one in ivory). We have inherited a settee and a set of chairs from my MIL which, if reupholstered, would be perfect here. I have to get quotes though, not sure if it's worth it.



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I am not sure that I am going about this correctly but, I am doing some work to my house and I while looking for BB (Baltic Birch) Plywood I came across this post. I just finished graduate school and I am looking for a reasonable place to be able to purchase about 10 sheets of 5/8" ply. anyway if you could point me in the correct direction I would appreciate it, Thanks.

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