Friday, July 27, 2007


We're going to see Glen Hansard/Marketa Irglova tonight - has anyone seen them live yet? Just wondering what it will be like.
I have a departmental presentation on Tuesday. Basically once a year the students in micro/immuno (third year and above) have to get up and present their research and respond to questions from faculty. I am... not as nervous as usual. Maybe this itself should make me nervous?? But the presentation is finished, I just have to talk it through (you wouldn't believe how many people just get up there without practicing - it's usually painfully obvious) and try to prepare for questions. I'm only speaking for 15 minutes, which is not much time to get my point across!
So, other than picking up the CSA tomorrow morning and a little lab work, that's what I'll be up to. I'm looking forward to having it over and done with.
Update: The show was incredible - we were in the front row! The opening act, Amy LaVere, was also a nice surprise. Here are some examples



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