Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thanks Chrisi!

Chrisi (front and center in this photo) sent me an action shot of the rafting trip:

This is before we hit Dimple Rock. We all look so motivated and ready-for-anything. I'm embarrassed to note that I am doing exactly the opposite of what everyone else is doing, hopefully I wasn't that bad for the whole trip. I should probably mention that the company that we used was White Water Adventures and someone associated with that group took the photo.
By the way, is anyone else out there reading the new Harry Potter? I've been taking it to school with me to read during the day - I can't put it down!



Blogger Jen S. said...

Glad to hear that Harry (or, Ms. Rowling, I suppose,) doesn't disappoint. I read all the HP books last summer, and am looking forward to reading Hallows. I waited to read the rest of the series when I could get over the guilt of taking them out of the library and depriving the youngsters of them. For this one, I might have to pony up the bucks. Thanks for the book rec on my blog!

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