Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Crap weather camping take 2

What is camping with the Lipcans without massive thunderstorms?

Boring. That's what.

Friday night was relatively clear; the heaviest rain appeared 1. During dinner preparation on Saturday night and 2. When it was time to pack up on Sunday morning.

We managed to get a nice fire going though

D+E by the lake. We had to evacuate soon after.

Nothing comes between us and a hearty meal!

I suppose I should stop with the foot photos, but I do believe this one accurately conveys our weekend weather situation:

R. and Dan were able to do their hike/bird watching on Sunday morning, so that was good.
We're leaving on Friday for CA!!! Can't wait. We made a reservation here for next Friday - a belated b-day gift to R. We'll be in Pacifica visiting family from Friday-Sunday, then down to Paso Robles with my in-laws for wine tasting and relaxation. Then just the two of us in SF from Thursday-Sunday. We've decided to not rent a car and just hang out in the city. It's always wierd going back to where we used to live... always bittersweet because I loved it there and I know we'll never move back (for a variety of reasons). Unless we do so when we retire.
Here are a few of my most favorite restaurants from way back when:
Udon at Mifune
Pizza at Goat Hill (Potrero Hill)
Brunch at Ella's
Tapas at Thirsty Bear
Park Chow in the Sunset
The Station House Cafe in Point Reyes (where we got engaged)
Everything at Tartine Bakery
Dinner/movies at Foreign Cinema
I could easily go on and on...



Anonymous R said...

Mmmm, after reading this, I can almost taste the brews at Thirsty Bear. But hey, let's not forget late-night standbys such as Mel's Diner on Geary, or Max's Opera Cafe (after a movie at the AMC) on Van Ness...and the greatest crepes in the world at Ti Couz in the Mission. You're right, the list is endless!

10:02 PM  
Anonymous R said...

Oh yeah, you can also check out some actual footage from the camping trip here:

10:48 PM  
Blogger B&B said...

Oh... forgot about Ti couz. Do you think it's still there?

6:51 AM  
Anonymous lipcan3 said...

hey, when I try to get that You Tube video I get "removed by user"

11:20 AM  

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