Tuesday, June 19, 2007


We're home! We had such a great trip... I think I only managed to wait ~2 days before asking R. how/when we could move back to CA. The weather, the lifestyle, the abundance of fresh fruit/veggies - I love it.

Cactus near Monterey Bay

Tide Pools near Half Moon Bay

Winery tour in Paso Robles

Muesli/morning bun from Tartine (xoxo)

Lavender at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market

This was the first time we had been to the Ferry Building since it was renovated, and I was really impressed. Lots of great vendors, and a nice farmer's market on Saturday.


We completely lucked out in the lodging department: The loft at Zanaida Cellers had an amazing view, washer/dryer, huge kitchen etc and ended up costing $125/night/couple. Highly highly recommended. Our room at The Mosser in SF was tiny but mod and had lots of energy saving extras. Loved it.

We also enjoyed a couple of restaurants in Paso Robles:

Matthew's on Spring
Deborah's room at Justin

Our last 2.5 days were in SF, just the two of us, and afterwards we realized that we only tried one new restaurant, instead concentrating on old favorites:

Ti Couz for savory and sweet crepes
Tartine oh how I love thee Tartine bakery
Mifune An old standby - I always get the kitsune udon
Myth A pleasant surprise, considering the mixed reviews.
Park Chow For comfort food
Goat Hill Pizza In our old neighborhood, Potrero Hill.



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omg now i know what u look like!!!

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I hope you're not planning on doing any stalking.

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