Saturday, May 26, 2007

CSA week #1

Apparently this happened around 2 am last night, two blocks from our apartment:

Sorry for the terrible photo; that's a blue Blazer that wrecked into a traffic light across the street and caught enough air to lodge on the porch of this house.
Here's the point of yard entry (notice how a portion of the fence is now missing):

And here's the traffic light across the street:

Word on the street is that the driver is now in jail and two passengers are in the hospital (but doing ok).

On to other I picked up our first CSA share of the season:

Not pictured: a whole chicken and a half gallon of milk.
I thought we would get more veggies each week, but I guess the largest shares come in late summer and early fall. So far I've eaten most of those strawberries and some of the cheese, both of which were fantastic. We're sharing all this with my brother+SIL, so I will probably just roast the chicken and have them over for dinner sometime this week. I didn't get any photos of Greensgrow itself but I'm really impressed - hopefully next time. It took me 25 minutes each way, which is not ideal but not too bad either.
I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!



Anonymous lipcan3 said...

check out what we're getting tomorrow!

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