Friday, February 04, 2011

Well! Here we are at 38w 2d:

I saw the doctor this morning and she thinks baby will stay put for another week, if not longer. I'm not too terribly upset about this; I am supposed to be writing a paper during my time off, and of course this week I slacked (napped, drank tea, spent too much time online, baked lots of muffins etc.) terribly. Another week to redeem myself would be nice. Anything longer than that
I'm assuming will start to get annoying.

I really don't feel too terribly uncomfortable, during the day at least. Bedtime is another story: rolling 'the bulk' over to my other side actually kinda hurts, and I've become a total sweat machine (it's gross). I'm normally someone who sleeps soundly for 8-9 hours per night, and these days I've been sleeping for about 4 hours, waking up for 1-2 hours, and then maybe sleeping for another 2. All in preparation for the almost total lack of sleep I'm anticipating in a few weeks.

Anyway, now that I'm nearing the end I wanted to mention some pregnancy-related items that I found useful this time around:

Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy - week by week info for pregnancy and beyond. I liked their "when to call" pages at the end of each section, especially early on in the pregnancy when every little twinge freaked me out.

Belli facial wash and body lotion - paraben free, lightly scented and really gentle. I will continue to use these post-baby.

Bella B Tummy Honey Butter and nipple cream - Again, both paraben free. At the very least the honey butter helps with the itchy stomach that comes with extreme stretching; I don't believe anything really prevents stretch marks but it was great to apply something so deeply moisturizing, especially in winter. Keep in mind that it's not a lotion, more like the texture of a thick lip balm that needs to be rubbed in pretty well. It can be a little sticky, so I ended up using it at bedtime. It has a faint honey scent that I liked. As for the nipple cream, just trying to be proactive at the advice of a friend...

I found two workout videos that complement each other really well: Summer Sanders' Prenatal Workout and The Perfect Pregnancy Workout. The Summer Sanders dvd includes a workout for all three trimesters, each of which contains an express and full-length program. The Perfect Pregnancy Workout is more difficult, (the instructor is formerly an acrobat with the Cirque du soleil). Switching between the two videos kept things varied enough for me to keep at it. I also just ordered this post-pregnancy dvd by Tracy Anderson, it gets good reviews so we'll see.

Gilligan & O Malley Nursing sleep bra - For some reason I insisted on wearing my regular Calvin Klein underwire bras for far too long, way past the point of them being comfortable. I started to wear sports bras for a while, but eventually those became painfully tight too. I've bought a few nursing bras so far, keeping in mind that I may have to buy a few more once the baby is here and I start breastfeeding. That said, GOOD GOD most nursing bras are ugly. I really like this one by Gilligan & O Malley because it's not horribly fugly, it's soft and it fits well. It's also pretty inexpensive. I've also purchased a couple of these Medela sleep bras - not as cute but very comfy. They run small though - I ended up needing a size bigger than usual.

Stretchy shirts in a size larger than usual from Anthropologie - I stuck to the basics (Target, Motherhood Maternity, Old Navy) for most of my maternity wardrobe, but there were several occasions where I needed something nicer (presentations at school, baby showers) - the ones bought from Anthro were worth the extra cost.

Cardigans from Boden - I'm still wearing a striped wool cardigen I bought last year, only now it is un-buttonable of course.

Nectarine Blossom and honey cologne from Jo Malone - obviously sweat monsters need a little pick me up, no?

Totally unrelated, but my crazy sweet tooth is telling me this looks amazing.


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