Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh boy...

Of course the sleep gods read my last post about a 'good' night of sleep and decided to punish me. Here is a lovely example of a recent 'bad' night:

7:30 - bath/massage
8 -into crib, fussing, crying, binky-stuffing
8:17 -sleep (I checked since it felt like I had been soothing for ~25 hours)

10:30 - awake, eat and back to sleep right away
12:30 - awake, snack, back to sleep right away
2:30 - awake, eat, awake... until 3:30.
4:14 - awake again whyyyyyyy. Grunting, pants-pooping, general thrashing
5ish - asleep again until 6:45, where I traded him off to my mom for the morning shift. As she was changing his diaper he gave me a big gummy grin as if our forced all-nighter had not happened.

I hate to be so snarky about it since he obviously has a lot going on right now developmentally and just can't make it through long stretches of sleep. The sleep he does get does not appear to be particularly restful: he's constantly rolling around, shifting his head from side to side and crying out a lot.

But seriously. I need to be in the lab today and have a paper to finish, a dissertation to write and new students to train. Plus we're trying to figure out what to do about child care starting in September, which is giving me an ulcer.

In the meantime I may need one of these:

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