Monday, August 27, 2007

CSA week 14

In the CSA this week:

whole chicken (destined to become roast chicken in fig-balsamic glaze later this week)
a dozen eggs (have already taken part in a chocolate cake - see below)
cheddar+port spread
tomatoes (gone! Made caprese salad with whole wheat penne last night)
white peaches (partially gone! See granola, below)
hot peppers (not sure what to do with these)
a bunch of herbs (will probably end up with the chicken)

I have a granola recipe from my aunt that I have optimized and make often, this time with the white peaches. It has endless potential, but I think I'll write a post later in the week about that, so more later...

I'm a little obsessed with strained Greek yogurt at the moment, it has such a nice consistency and goes so well with the granola and a little honey. I buy Fage brand and even the 0% is good.

We had a pretty busy weekend; I was in the lab a lot and we got some errands/cleaning out of the way. But I did find time to make the Azo family chocolate cake (I originally found it here). It has a ridiculous amount of butter and chocolate and tasted ridiculously good. If you're on a diet and tend to crave chocolate - run for the hills!

We also went to see The Bourne Ultimatum on Friday night. It made my stomach hurt a little but I still really liked it.



Blogger Muffin said...

It's Erin just in case you were wondering...remind me to give you a Chocolate Guiness Cake recipe. I love Fage!

8:41 PM  

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