Sunday, March 16, 2008


that are making me happy this weekend:

progress made on a spring hat. Based on this pattern but made with organic cotton yarn from here.

This shirtdress from Target. It's cuter in person - soft white cotton with blue stripes. Maybe I need red shoes to wear with it?

Giovanni Hot chocolate sugar scrub also from Target. Smells exactly like dark chocolate.

We finally got a few prints hung above the couch. Sorry for the crappy extremely reflective photo. Top - insect etchings from Printman's etsy shop. Bottom - three lure catalog prints from sub-studio. We still need one more set, maybe from here?

Couch pillow, made out of this My Folklore fabric from Superbuzzy (I can't find the listing anymore!)
Dinner at Citrus last night: green tea, mixed green salad with goat cheese+strawberries and eggplant "meatloaf" (much better than it sounds!)

Sunday breakfast: I like mine dippy, he likes his "dead" with ketchup.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

etsy favorites and to do list