Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Saturday, December 13, 2008


I simply cannot believe Xmas is so close... don't ask me exactly how close because I have no idea what today's date is. I do know that it's Saturday, and that I'm going to school soon. I will also be going there tomorrow.... siiigh.

I'm trying to drum up some excitement over the holiday season but my oral defense is this coming Wednesday and thinking about it takes up a large chunk of my time. I have bought two Xmas items, both for my husband. That's it. I have a few vague notions involving handmade something-or-others which I'll give more thought to later in the week.

So. Handed in the written portion of my proposal on Dec 1st. I severely underestimated how long it would take to fill in references and figure out how to use Endnote, so that's pretty much what I did during the last 2 days. Since submitting I have thought of approximately 1000 things I should have included but didn't. Other students assure me this is normal but I am still annoyed with myself! One good thing about this exercise is that now I have a better idea how to pace myself and how long certain things will take.

Speaking of exercise, I haven't for about 1.5 months? A friend and I did sign up for a 5K in May though.

On a more positive note, I attended a conference in New Orleans last week. What a great city! I didn't see much this time around but would love to visit again.