Sunday, October 19, 2008

Third time's a charm?

I just printed out The Couch to 5K Running Plan-for the third time.
First attempt: I started in August 2007, and I think I made it to around week 4.
Second attempt: I was running with a friend from school, which definitely kept me motivated. We were doing really well and had signed up for a 5K in early June. But I got sick, we missed the race and soon after she started working on her dissertation. She has now graduated and I haven't found a new partner yet.
I haven't stopped running and still get out 2-3 times per week. I don't keep track of how far I run or how fast. I'm probably doing 2-3 miles each time, but I'm walking for some of that.
So. I'm going to start the program again because I don't think I'll improve without some concrete goals. We'll see how it goes.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

deep thoughts

After 10 years I now realize that my senior project, completed within the safe confines of college life, was not a Big Deal, even if I most definitely thought it was at the time.

And I know that in 10 more years, the anxiety surrounding my qualifying exam will mellow and eventually disappear in the same way, which is why my Mentor (who writes grants that must actually exist in the realm of reality) keeps telling me to stop worrying about it.

That said, writing this bitch is HARD.

I do think the thought process is pretty interesting though. I have so far completed the following stages:
  • Birth of the original Vague Idea that has now been rolling around in my mind for a few months
  • Commitment of Vague Idea to paper. Realization that Vague Idea requires much more thought and research until it can actually take the form of Specific Aims
  • Generation of scrap paper to record ideas/issues/problems which always seem to reveal themselves at odd times (when running, after "sleeping on it", while listening to an unrelated seminar etc.). This one surfaced while I was making coffee this am:

  • Four drafts of specific aims, each one successively less related to original Vague Idea

  • Realization that specific aims must be grounded in some form of sound hypothesis. What do I really want to know? How will specific aims address this knowledge? Why is this knowledge important?
This is pretty much where I'm at right now. This mess has to take shape in some form or another by early November. There is another student in my lab who is in roughly the same place as me, so at least I know the "process" I've been trudging through isn't unique.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

random links

rice stuffed tomatoes

apple cake

good turkey burger recipe (we've also made a meatloaf version)

tote bag tutorial

paper bead tutorial via whipup

honeycomb smocking tutorial (trying to figure out where I could use this...)

triangle mobile tutorial

good upholstery book
(Anyone know of an upholstery workshop in/around Philly? I've been searching and haven't found anything).

wheat bread recipe

Indian restaurant/take out/delivery (we've tried the one in Mt. Airy - yummy and reasonably priced)