Sunday, February 01, 2009

A few things

Things I've been enjoying lately, in no particular order:

I make up a big batch of this on Sunday and take it to school for breakfast all week. I crave hot cereal when the weather is frigid - nice with blueberries, a little agave nectar and some milk. Also good with PB & J stirred in.
I'm short (5'0") and I loathe buying jeans. They are invariably too long with gap-waist and thigh suction. So... I was really curious to try this out. The website was a little difficult to follow; you first choose a type of denim, then supply your measurements (including front/back rise, around the knee etc.). Once that's finished you can choose different pocket styles and type of thread. For the first time I went with a pretty basic style:
Boot cut
Archers Pocket Style
Total cost: $66.
They arrived 12 days after I placed the order
The verdict - These fit me better than any other pair I've ever owned. The denim appears to be good quality and they have held up in the wash. The cost is reasonable as well. The downside is that they're shipped from Mumbai, it would be nice to have a similar operation here in the US.
Also intriguing: the Clone a jeans option.

Customized stationary from DailySip Studios

I am old fashioned and still send thank-you notes. Love these.

Foodzie - like etsy but for food. I haven't ordered anything but it looks promising

This (free!) printable calendar
Talks on TED (Technology, Entertainment Design) - Pretty much all I did last night.